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Client Testimonials

The Love is BIG.....

Today was a beautiful day, but because of Krystle, I will have smiling pictures to prove it . She turned a “no more pictures (family pics) my dress is itchy etc” starting to get hungry, the sun is in my eyes little girl who didn’t want to take one more picture….,to an angel perfect to work with little girl in 5 minutes. For a last minute idea quickie type unplanned drive by photo shoot, she had my daughter smiling and laughing within minutes. she was great at grabbing Olivia’s focus even in a loud echoing emptying church. She made props out of paper and found creative out of the way places to go, or just the opposite and asked if we could go right up on the alter. It’s that perfect balance of professionalism and fun that makes her a success in this business. Within 20-30 min time Krystle and my daughter were “best friends” and Olivia was sad for her to go. She was awesome! I can’t wait to see how even more gorgeous her work would be if she were in her own studio or under normal not so distracting or rushed circumstances. I can’t wait to see how the rest came out! I would def recommend her.

Christine Miserandino

Award-winning Write, Blogger, Speaker, But You Don't Look Sick

I had a great experience with K Michelle Photography LLC for my Wedding. She made me feel so comfortable! And she had great advice for different poses. I love how she really took the time to take detailed shots of my gown, my husband’s details, our rings, and my floral bouquet. She was very accommodating with our tight schedule and super sweet. I would greatly recommend her!

Eva Michelle

Wedding Client