About the Artist

I started in Photography as a young teenager, as most of us have – capturing important moments within family gatherings and special occasions. I was called upon at all times to serve as the “memory freezer” and the one in charge of sending it all to print so that our elders could fill up the giant albums they insisted on putting together.

As I made my way through college, and then graduate studies, I also worked in the corporate world. I held positions working with children in child protection, and in administration at private pre-schools. I developed an even deeper love for children and families as a result of working so closely in such a wide array of capacities.

I maintained my love of portraiture over the years and once I became a mother, I realized how truly important it was for me to share my passion with other families, and provide lasting memories they could use to fill up all of the walls and albums – as our parents and grandparents have done for many years.

As I meet more and more amazing families, I work closely with them to realize their visions for art, for capturing their children, spouses, grandparents, aunt, uncles, sisters and brothers. I photograph both in-studio and on-location for most all types of special occasions. From welcoming your newborn into the world to seeing them graduate, or become engaged – I am honored to continue to be called upon to freeze those smiles in a portrait forever. Years from now when we have come and gone, our images will remain for our future families to know what an impact we have made in the world.

– Krystle Javier

Portrait Artist & Designer